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With years of experience developing automotive navigation, we created an easy-to-use navigation app with a feature set optimized for road trips across countries. As your reliable copilot, the iGO Navigation app will guide you to your dream destination. No internet in the jungle?

No 3G in the mountains? No contact in the desert? No problem. You can safely explore more than countries with our offline maps and navigation. The iGO Navigation app requires less storage space than other offline navigation apps, so you can save your storage for more important things like photos, videos, and music.

The saved storage space means that you can take as many selfies and time lapse videos as your heart desires! Offering only the features that help you the most, we do away with distractions — leaving just you and the world around you. Because we believe that travel should be experienced between the traveler and the world, not the traveler and their phone. This full-service app now has improved visualization, accelerated route calculation, reduced storage space requirements, and advanced offline features, making it the best copilot to help you experience the world around you.

Unlock your inner explorer and hit the road like a pro. No more getting lost, no more wasting time, no more clogging your phone, no more searching for WiFi, and no more distractions.

Make it your own map!

navi maps

Customize the map colors, languages, set your preferences, and select what you want to see on your map. Explore like a pro! Multi-point routes, storing and managing routes, viewing itineraries in different detail levels, and even optimizing the order of the stopovers to shorten the route distance.

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With all these options, you can do more than just go from A to B. At the first time you download the app, it comes without maps and contents.Using a charger while navigating is recommended. For any app related issues and feedback, please mail us on navimaps mapmyindia. We would love to hear from you.

Overall a great product. As far as navigation is concerned, the paid version is better than google maps. It shows 3d view and perfect 3d image whether you have to go on the bridge or not.

Quite impressed Money paid is worth. This is the same gps app that is installed in pioneer audio video system for cars. I do a lot of touring on motorcycles, so i now rely on this app for accurate routes.

If u dont have gps system in your car, just but pro version of this app. Way better than google. Best feature is that you can use it offline, even if there is no network you can still navigate the places. You must try it.

Up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled.

navi maps

Screenshots iPhone iPad. Ratings and Reviews See All. Size Category Navigation. Compatibility Requires iOS 9. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Languages Turkish.Access the latest listings for gas stations, ATMs, restaurants, and other essential points of interest.

Drive with Confidence

Update your map and take advantage of efficient routing options—good for your wallet and the environment. Many map updates also include new features such as junction lane view, 3D landmark imagery, and more. Your navigation system is powered by a digital map from HERE, a global leader in navigation, mapping, and location experiences. The specific media type varies by navigation system. Map updates come with clear instructions, making it easy for vehicle owners to install on their own.

Each map update offered by HERE is an officially-licensed product that has been tested to ensure full compliance with vehicle manufacturer requirements and standards.

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Is your vehicle's navigation system map updated or outdated? Watch our video to learn more about the benefits of updating your map. By making frequent updates to your in car navigation maps and navigation system, you receive access to new roads, better directions, and points of interest. Being on time to work, school, sports games, and family events means avoiding traffic delays whenever possible.

Update your map to access the best options for rerouting around traffic jams and other unwanted backups. Steering clear of traffic also helps keep fuel in the tank. For yet another way to save on gas, take advantage of eco-routing.

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Each map update offers the latest options for efficient, eco-friendly routes. HERE Maps implements 2. Our technology and dedication to accuracy are reflected in every map update. A map update improves your navigation system's performance, helping you find what you need when you need it, whether it is the nearest gas station, a major landmark, or the final destination on your next vacation.

HERE Maps is constantly offering new and innovative functionality such as improved text-to-speech and voice recognition for a more natural interaction with your navigation systemadvanced lane guidance directs the driver to the appropriate lane when approaching junctions3D landmark renderings, and much more.

Update and upgrade your navigation system today! I wasn't sure how it would improve the current navigation system but it has. I just moved in an area where football and basketball games are in towns I don't know of.Find a location with the help of voice-guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation app. Travel and discover the world no guide will ever be Navigation app that combines the best of offline and online features to create the ultimate navigation experience.

Offline Navigation Route Map is an essential app for the Traveler, tourist and driver and those people who depend on the navigation and maps Navigation for Google Maps Go provides GPS turn-by-turn voice guided navigation and is optimized for performance on low-memory phones.

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Related Searches google play store app google chrome google google earth street view. Sort by. Back Close. Free Only. Editor Rating. User Rating. Apply Filters. Results for navigation maps. Related: google play store appgoogle chromegooglegoogle earth street view. Editors' rating. Publisher: MapFactor Downloads: 1, Publisher: Arlean Apps Downloads: Galileo Offline Maps and Navigation. Publisher: Go Ogle Downloads: Offline Navigation Route Maps.Varied POI, down to the house no.

NaviMaps: 3D GPS Navigation can be synced with your in-car navigation system, making it into a fully featured navigation system. The route automatically updates you with Live Traffic Internet required. Map of India is split into 32 different states which you can download as per travel plan. Using a charger while navigating is recommended. For any app related issues and feedback, please mail us on navimaps mapmyindia. We would love to hear from you. Overview Specs. Features Include:- Junction Views - Visual aid to the driver at road junctions.

Auto re-route navigation with voice will re-route you from the deviated course. Multi-Stop routing to plan trips for leisure or business Multi-touch map display Two-finger swipe down to return to map view from any page or menu Maps:- Map of India is split into 32 different states which you can download as per travel plan.

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Verification ensures that the product is built in compliance with requirements, specifcatiile and standards specified. Validation ensures that the product will be used on market. Implementation of a software product is teamwork of a number large software developers often in different locations eg different countries.

Thus it is necessary to use methods of implementation of the software. One the software deployment method is a systematic approach structured to effectively integrate basic software service or a component structure of the whole product. Quality software is given by certain characteristics that were above. For a product to be considered as necessary compliance with certain rules of implementation.

Millions of customers use daily in order to make their files available to friends or to store large files. We are a young enterprise with a team that is motivated, ambitious and extremely enthusiastic.

Each and every day we strive harder to work towards making our operation ever more efficient. We determined to out do any and all competition by making the storage and transfer of huge data volumes faster, simpler and more secure for our users and customers, wherever they are. Our site is among the most visited websites worldwide. An estimatedfiles a day are uploaded onto our servers. Over the past 3 years we did not promote our site, almost completely refused advertising and were focusing on support of the existing users.

We are pleased to note that most of the old members remained loyal to us and continued to use our service to store and share their files with friends and colleagues.

navi maps

All this time we made many efforts for ensuring safe existence of our site, first of all in regard to pro-active verification of the uploaded files. Our filters caught the majority of attempts of uploading and distribution of undesirable content. But at the same time risks and pressure put upon the market of file hosting services grew. At the same time we received the influx of customers who have tried to move to us their questionable files for distribution. And we were forced to fight them with great effort.An impressive feature of Google's new Android 2.

The application is included with Motorola's new Droid handset for Verizon Wireless, introduced earlier this week as the first Android 2. While driving directions via Google Maps has been available on many mobile devices for years, including Apple's iPhone and iPod devices, Google Maps Navigation raises the ante by adding spoken turn-by-turn direction, something available only with extra-cost additions to the iPhone.

Google Maps Navigation makes good use of the almost bottomless text and image resources of Google's search database and takes advantage of user input to make changes to its maps as necessary. Both products include maps of the U. Maps of other countries and regions are available, but at extra cost. Both offer customizable voices and detailed 2D and 3D maps with thousands of points of interest, access to weather, and traffic data; and provide the iPhone with clear information with large fonts for easy reading.

Instead of generic maps, however, Google Maps Navigation can lead you to your destination using real overhead and street-level photos.

NaviMaps Navigation Features Tutorial

You can allow the application to overlay your route over a satellite view -- a feature not available in most standalone GPS devices. As you get close you your destination, the navigation screen switches to Google's Street View, an interactive, street-level photograph complete with arrows.

navi maps

This view can be reassuring in cases where, for example, you're looking for a specific building number but can't see the sign from your car. Of course Google doesn't have Street View images for all locations. In these cases, the best available maps, overhead or otherwise, are used.

Once the Droid is inserted into its optional car window mount, it automatically switches to "Car Home" mode, which provides quick access to the features of Google Maps Navigation. The main menu includes five large icons labeled View Map, Navigation, Voice Search, Contacts, and Search; and a smaller Home icon that gets you back to the phone's home page.

In practice the voice search worked well, properly understanding the names of streets and landmarks. If the application isn't sure of which location you mean, it offers a list of choices. Aside from giving it addresses, you can say the name of a store "Walgreens" or "Rite Aid," for example or a type of business "Chinese food," "gas station," "copy shop," etc. It had a little trouble with "CVS," however, not understanding that it was the name of a store and not just three letters.

The top of the Google Maps Navigation screen glows green, yellow or red to give you a hint of what traffic is like ahead of you. The directions barked out by the female voice was distinct and understandable on the Droid and included warnings like "GPS signal has been lost. The user experience is about the same as with a standalone GPS device except for the fact that the Droid like the iPhone has its own Internet connection, as opposed to a GPS device which would need a Bluetooth connection to another device to get on the Internet.

The Droid's powerful MHz processor and hardware-accelerated graphics allows for smooth scrolling of the navigation maps as long as there's a good 3G data connection.


While the iPhone's bypixel display is more than adequate for maps, the Droid's ultra-sharp bypixel screen clearly gives it an advantage with photographs.

Of course the key advantage of Google Maps Navigation over the iPhone solutions is that it's free. No subscription is needed and since all of the mapping data is on the Web, there are no files that need to be updated on the phone.

Google Maps Navigation is clearly a work in progress, however. The first screen you see when you access it on the Droid is a terse reminder of how new the product is: "Google Maps Navigation is in beta. Use caution.