Naruto blazing character tier list

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Naruto Uzumaki "The Worst Loser". Sasuke Uchiha "A Lone Heart". Sakura Haruno "The Indomitable Maiden". Kakashi Hatake "The Best Teacher". Shikamaru Nara "Lucid Talent". Ino Yamanaka "Ever-Changing Movements". Choji Akimichi "Insatiable Appetite". Hinata Hyuga "Loyal Emotions". Kiba Inuzuka "Sharp Claws and Fangs". Shino Aburame "Unflinching Heart". Iruka Umino "Sympathizer".

Taiseki "Masterful Camouflage". Mahiru "Superior Swordsmanship". Ebisu "An Elite Teacher". Genma Shiranui "Always Aimless". Raido Namiashi "An Indomitable Spirit". Izumo Kamizuki "The Calm Proctor". Kotetsu Hagane "The Deceptive Proctor". Yoroi Akado "Heretical Abilities".

Misumi Tsurugi "degree Movement". Zaku Abumi "The Confident One". Kin Tsuchi "Brimming with Jealousy". Kagari "Sensor of the Trinity". Mubi "Phantom of the Trinity".

naruto blazing character tier list

Oboro "Warrior of the Trinity". Yashamaru "All for his Late Sister".The rarity is based on their max rarity. Some characters can have lower star versions of themselves. The nickname determines what ninjutsus they will have. Jutsu Type — This tells you how their jutsu works. There are currently a few types which we will show below. Most single target spells are devastating and have much higher attack multipliers than the AoE ones, but there are a variety of single target attack types you should be aware of.

The single target abilities will typically work on the first or closest enemy, so keep this in mind when using a single targeted ability. It is easy to mess up and not hit your intended target. Make sure it is pointing at the right target before you pull the trigger!

naruto blazing character tier list

Most single target attacks will fall into this. Their single target ninjutsus are usually based on their range. This is not always the case though. However they have a great ranged positioning advantage. These abilities will give you a warning at the bottom of the screen.

Single target rectangle abilities will typically only hit the first enemy in the indicator. Pay close attention to positioning with these abilities, you will see a warning indicator at the bottom of the screen to remind you of how it works. The plus ability gives a longer range than most ninjutsus and gives you the option to attack from all directions, making it a versatile skill to have. This type of attack is a small hit box looks like a fan to me in front of the character.

They remain as a strong ranged advantage but difficult positioning ability. Rectangle AOE abilities will hit multiple enemies in the indicators, they occasionally stretch just a tiny bit outside of the actual indication box allowing you to hit multiple enemies that otherwise might not be in range if you take the time to position it. Short ranged AOE abilities are usually no larger than the hitbox indication for an enemy, these are usually strong abilities and are great if you manage to get the enemy grouped up together.

Mid ranged AOE abilities will easily overlap two near by enemies, a lot of high tier characters will have these types of abilities.Secret Tech 8. Field Skill Boosts critical rate by 1. Field Skill Boosts Attack by Secret Tech 10x attack toward 1 enemy in range.

Restores own Chakra Gauge by 2. Restoers own Chakra Gauge by 4. Secret Tech 8x attack toward 1 enemy in range. Secret Tech Secret Tech 9x attack toward 1 enemy in range. If they are slip damaged, If they are immobilized, 16x attack instead. Field Skill Restores health. Bleach: Immortal Soul.

NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja Blazing - 6* Star Ninjas Tier List - Rank S

Brave Dungeon. The Seven Deadly Sins.

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Gaia Odyssey. Trending Guides This Week. Sponsored Links. Darui - Words of Conviction. Fourth Raikage: Ay - Savage Lightning. Kabuto Yakushi - Craving for Wisdom. Kakashi Hatake - A Father's Blade. Hiruzen Sarutobi - Ninja Clothes.

Kankuro - Pride in his Work. Naruto Uzumaki - Proof of Bonds. Itachi Uchiha - Beyond the Sharingan. Sasuke Uchiha - Avenger. Yugito Ni'i - Unbreakable Will. Naruto Uzumaki - Bewitching Transformation.Danzo Shimura Awakened Embodiment of Darkness. Kaguya Otsutsuki Awakened Plot for Rebirth. Hashirama Senju Awakened Pursuit of a Dream. Neji Hyuaga Awakened Freedom of Choice. Yamato Guruguru Unmalicious Murderous Intent. Orochimaru Blazing Awakened Endless Rebirth.

Kushina Uzumaki Fist of Hidden Embarrassment. Obito Uchiha Awakened Wrapped in Mysteries. Naruto Uzumaki Taboo-Breaking Frustration. Hinata Hyuga Awakened Beyond the Ceaseless. Hiruzen Sarutobi Looking into the Future. Madara Uchiha Awakened Solitary Devastation. Obito Uchiha Awakened State of Carnage. Tobirama Senju Awakened Judicious Master.

Kaguya Otsutsuki Between Love and Madness. Madara Uchiha Phantasy's Beckoning Light. Minato Namikaze Awakened Dazzling Bravery. Kurotsuchi Young Philanthropist of the Stone. Kakashi Hatake Awakened Unshakeable Calm. Pain Tendo Awakened War of Revolution. Hagoromo Otsutsuki Sage of the Six Paths. Mangetsu Hozuki Wielder of the Seven Swords. Choji Akimichi Awakened Fluttering Butterfly.

Shikamaru Nara Awakened Crucial Decision. Fuguki Suikazan Darkness of the Blood Mist.

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Sakura Haruno Awakened Unwavering Feelings. Jinpachi Munashi Volatile Explosive Blade. Zabuza Momochi Awakened Demonic Presence.

Minato Namikaze Flash of the Battlefield. Kurotsuchi The Fence-Sitter's Granddaughter. Hinata Hyuga Unwavering Courage [Awakened]. Kisame Hoshigaki Swordsman of the Raging Waves. Naruto Uzumaki Power of Determination [Awaken].Feel free to use the Tier List to check on how good or bad is your chosen character. To use the Tier List, read below! If you feel the need to modify the Tier List itself, please seek my wall CardFire or you can comment down below.

Top priority to Limit Break - get to it! The character will be ranked based on their best role they play and fit in. They have five statistics, but even if they have gotten the highest scores in said statistics, that does not automatically mean they are the best unit.

Check their archetypes as well, to be sure what kind of role they fit in.

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The Tier List assumes that there is no best unit in the game. Hence, the grading system is broader. What I've normally seen when playing these characters: some of them contain special Hidden Abilities that help them improve their game-play. They are classified into 4 categories:. Be warned that this is unofficial: that means there is no indication of Hidden Abilities in the game! Sometimes, a character exceeds all expectations in a particular field, and they do not deserved to be ranked low.

That's when a Transcendent Ranking comes into play! A particular statistic in which they excel is replaced with a Tand their rank is personally adjusted. These units are exceptionally good, and as such, should not be underestimated!

There are a few roles inside the game of Ninja Blazing. They vary from character to character, and the ability to follow one archetype or two at once gives them a higher utility statistic.

Each archetype isn't better than each other, as they are in their own class. Treat of it like a class page for characters in a Role-Playing Game, except this isn't written, but implied.

Characters of this class are extremely powerful. They are usually the "Warrior" class of the entire battlefield. When it comes to zeroing down Bosses in style, it's these chakra ninja. For a character to be a Attack unit, these general requirements prove to be their best friend in descending order of importance :. Utility units serve to stack debuff upon debuff on any enemy that they encounter. This is your "mage" character.

The amount of debuffs they have and their rates are very high, depending on debuff. To be a Utility unit, a character needs to have in descending order of importance :. Units like these have an extremely powerful Field and Buddy Skill, with Jutsus that buff allies or even give them special effects.

These are your "support" or "healer" classes! They also help keep the team alive. Characters who want to be Supporters would need to have these characteristics in descending order of importance :. All these units must have an extremely high amount of HP, resistances to damage, and Sync Skills that boosts their resistance to damage.

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Announces Order for 225 New Aircraft On Penultimate Day of Dubai Air Show15th November 2017Fancy Going Fully Flat On a Low Cost Airline.

A Summary of Airline News from the Past Week20th June 2017Pride In Flight: Big U. Some changes have already been hinted at. Others have been partially published. In some areas, Emirates is making changes and hoping nobody notices. A new First Class suite has been touted by the airline for some time now. Many commentators believe Emirates will be introducing a new and improved design at some point in the next 12-months.

naruto blazing character tier list

Last year, Emirates made a few minor improvements to its First Class product. All new seats now feature a 32-inch television although the basic design remained unchanged. Abu Dhabi-based, Etihad Airways has a super-sized First Class product on its A380 aircraft and Qatar Airways is introducing privacy screens on its new QSuite Business Class product.

In 2015, Emirates did unveil a new seat at ITB Berlin. The new Business Class seat for its Boeing 777 fleet was touted as a game changer for Emirates. Unfortunately, it left many frequent flyers underwhelmed. With the new design, Emirates has eventually introduced a fully-flat seat for its 777 aircraft. But it maintained a 2-3-2 layout without direct aisle access for all passengers. The devices allow Cabin Crew to quickly take custom orders from passengers and then beam requests straight to the galley.

Emirates should have the devices rolled out across the entire network by the end of the year.

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Emirates is slowly being left behind by other airlines who already offer this service to passengers. Emirates President, Tim Clark has spoken of Premium Economy several times over the past year.

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Clark recently said a full analysis would be completed by April.