Merlin fanfiction merlin carried

This was going to be a drabble story but I am incapble of them. This is the best you get. I have named the other four chapters of this and I am challenging myself to stick to it.

Arthur turned and stared at him with opaque blue eyes.

The two people with him paused and looked at Merlin and then headed down the corridor. Get on with it! Merlin gaped, he couldn't help it. Arthur didn't have the decency to say that Merlin was his servant. Confused and hurt Merlin turned away to do what Arthur had asked of him. It was late in the night when Merlin returned Arthur's armour to it's proper place. With the knights visiting from so many places it was important to have Arthur's armour there, in the armoury, bright and shiny.

Merlin sighed at he put it down, thankful that he could go to bed. Arthur had even dismissed him for the morning. Gaius had requested that he needed Merlin to prepare for the tournament. He needed to make sure his pharmacy was ready for the injuries that were about to occur as the knights clashed in the arena.

Not that Gaius would give Merlin much respite. But at least he could eat without much interruption because Gaius would want his own breakfast at the same time, while issuing instructions. Merlin didn't even bother to turn around as he heard the door open. No doubt other servants were running around the castle. So it took him by surprise as he was grabbed by the scruff on the neck, spun and bent over the table, the wind slammed out of his lungs as he crashed against the table.

The hand pressed his head down and dragged him to the edge of the table. Merlin blinked, looking up stunned. His eyes met those of one of the people that Arthur had been with, when he had dismissed him. Then Merlin gasped in shock as his trousers were ripped down exposing him, and his cheeks were pulled apart.

A finger slammed into him and Merlin yelped. Merlin jumped again as a bag of coins landed by his head. It hadn't been tied properly and Merlin saw the glitter of silver and one gold coin. The gold looked almost obscene against the rest of it. Merlin wasn't and shock made him unable to react for a moment and he also had to be careful, no one could see him do magic.

His eyes flared gold as he tipped a rack of spears. The rattle echoed around the room and the weapons scattered everyone, no doubt to be cleared up by him afterwards.

The man holding his neck relaxed his grip. Merlin tried to rise but the grip tightened again and shoved him down. Merlin gasped, trying to work out a way out.

He probably had plenty but if anyone saw anything.Summary: Merlin has been through a lot this series. And he's has to hold it in.

merlin fanfiction merlin carried

But when he finally breaks who's there to comfort him? Merlin pounded at the petal turning it into dust. It had been another busy day. Wake up the prince, clean the prince's room, make beds, polish shoes, shine armour, save Arthur from evil magic, run errands for Gaius, ignore Arthur's comments and keep his magic a secret. If it had been anyone else they would have broken down.

Yet, Merlin was use to it.

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Even through he had a lot of things in his mind. Merlin tried not to think but they were already in his mind. The people he had lost. Morganna, a friend that had to be poison or Camelot was doom. Merlin still know that, whether she was with Morgause, she was blaming him. His father, his father that Merlin didn't knew he had, lost to a sword and Merlin's clumsiness.

If he hadn't dropped the sword, his father wouldn't have taken the sword's plunge. And then there was Freya. The person he loved and grieve for even more than his father.

She was the person that had let him be who he truly was. She didn't tell him off for using magic or would of killed him if found out.

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She was like no one he had ever felt for. And to be killed just because of her curse burned his heart even through he didn't blame anyone apart from himself.

Merlin quickly blinked the tears back and move onto the next petal. Even through Gaius knew what had happen; Merlin didn't want to cry on his shoulder. He knew how Gaius would feel to see Merlin pour his heart out and he didn't want that. That's how he had managed to hold on. Gaius didn't have to see or hear him doing that. There were enough problems on Gaius' mind. When he had done, Merlin had told Gaius he was going for a walk. Merlin didn't usually do this unless he had to do some spying on a killer or help the prince escape to see a witch.

That was probably why Gaius face was filled with worry, when Merlin left. Merlin was going for a walk, first. But seeing everyone with their loved ones as they tried to rebuild the burnt houses hurt him. And when he saw the couples, Merlin picked up his pace until he was out of the town and in the forest.When new Knights arrived in Camelot they were taught a few important things, rules if you will though unspoken, about how things were in Camelot and what was expected of them. They were all fairly simple, some of them very obvious, others less so.

But, after their introduction to the King and the Prince, being shown their chambers and then around the castle grounds, after being introduced to the court, the Knights would take them to the pub, sit them to the side with a few tankards of beer and give them THE RULES. That was the swiftest way to find yourself in the furthest village of the kingdom shovelling dung - if you were lucky - no one could pin down who made sure you ended up there but you would find yourself there and for a very good reason on paper.

He never went into dangerous situations with armour, he was not a fighter at all, in fact, he was quite clumsy and often ended up tripping and falling. Merlin was skinny and small and looked like a stiff wind would blow him over, and they must do everything that they can to protect him. No one was really sure when exactly it had started. At first, the Knights had all been quite disdainful of Merlin. Sure he had saved the Prince's life which had granted him his position.

But he was mouthy and rude, he had not respect for Arthur, the way he spoke to him was horrific and totally out of place for the way the Prince should be treated. Arthur changed. He had always been a good man, and they had all seen the potential of the King that he could be. But he had his failings. In the presence of Merlin, in the same of a few months, Arthur changed.

He became more sure of himself, more confident in his own mind and his own decisions, he became a better Knight, a better Prince, a better man. Arthur changed from being a good man to the beginnings of a great one in front of their eyes. He lost the cockiness and that slight vein of cruelness that was a little too like his father that he had possessed.

And none of them could deny that it was because of Merlin. And then Merlin had drunk from a poisoned chalice to protect Arthur when Uther refused to believe the servant that it was poisoned. They got closer to Merlin, spent the time with him, got to know him better. And they liked him even more.

Then came the concern. They respected Merlin because despite being nothing more than a servant he chose to follow Arthur into numerous situations that no other servant would have followed him to. He was not a fighter, he didn't even carry a weapon for the love of the gods! He had no training, no armour! They had tried pointing it out to Arthur, arguing with the Prince that he should not take the young teen with them into the dangerous situations, that they should maybe leave him at camp somewhere safe.

They had tried to point out that Merlin didn't have armour or a weapon, but Arthur did not seem to get it, and the longer that it went on and Merlin survived each situation quite well Arthur listened even less.

They knew that the Prince respected Merlin in his own way and that he thought Merlin capable which was why he did not seem concerned, and of course, the more Merlin survived dangerous situations the more that respect deepened. They all agreed that Merlin made Arthur a better man and that with him at his side he would be a truly great King, they all agreed that if something were to happen to Merlin Arthur would They also agreed that Merlin was young and small, and delicate and….

They would take it in turns to protect the young servant while they were out and about, one of them would stay with Merlin at all times and would fend off those that went for him, which there was always a good few considering he was like a blazing beacon in a fight with no armour or a weapon. Along the way, Merlin also became their friend. The young servant going out his way to help them out, giving them extra portions when they weren't well, cooking someone's favourite meal when it was their birthday and they were out on patrol.

He was bright and friendly, full of life and laughter, he made them smile and laugh, he lightened hard journeys with his banter and the fun that he found in life.Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply What if she was noble. And what if she was Uther's ward, not Morgana. Watch as she saves Arthur, Camelot and the future, all while keeping her magic a secret from everyone who knows her. But Merlin isn't going to let her keep them. The Call by Mississippi-moon reviews A mysterious voice has been calling out to Merlin, depriving him of much-needed sleep and subjecting him to unwanted attention.

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Can the Prat and the Idiot have a happy ending? Not a normal Cinderella story. Also, errors grammar are being fixed finally. From the Start by Reid Phantom reviews "Assisted? I'm pretty sure I saved your life.

Arthur let the sorcerer run off with his life in return for him saving Arthur's. He had never expected to see the boy again, especially not only two days later in Gaius's chambers.

Merlin's sister - the seamstress by Djinalma reviews A sigh escaped her lips as she looked at the raven haired boy in the stocks. The stocks?Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply From the Start by Reid Phantom reviews "Assisted? I'm pretty sure I saved your life.

Arthur let the sorcerer run off with his life in return for him saving Arthur's. He had never expected to see the boy again, especially not only two days later in Gaius's chambers. Merlin's sister - the seamstress by Djinalma A sigh escaped her lips as she looked at the raven haired boy in the stocks.

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The stocks? Let me guess I've been looking for my favourite big sister!

merlin fanfiction merlin carried

Rainbow, ponies and other short stories about Merlin by Merlyn reviews I have always loved the Merlin-Arthur relationship. It's comic, tragic and well-built - just generally amazing. So I thought I'd write a bunch of short stories about Arthur, Merlin and the knights of the round table, mainly about the pair. Story 4: Uther wants a haircut Even with his magic there could have been no other outcome. Somehow, Cenred had clearly known they were coming. Someone, or something, had warned him.

Isle by agent curly reviews "Son No matter how strong you are or what craft you master you will be dead past this point. Arthur's birth right is usurped from him. Merlin is a royal. And all of magic kind are forbidden from leaving the Isle. Swords and Spells: The Magic of Emrys Book One by Jay-Washington reviews Emrys has always known that it's her destiny to turn the spoiled Prince Arthur Pendragon into the greatest king Camelot's known since magic was expelled from the kingdom.

But if Emrys guides Arthur to his destiny, she leads herself to her own doom.

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Emrys could change her fate, but the Ancient Order would require another life in her stead: Arthur's. Arthur fires his crossbow, not counting on Merlin jumping in the way.

My Magical Wish by grapejuice reviews What happens if you wish on a star and you're not only in your favorite show but you are the sister of Merlin. Meet Sam and she is going to have a magical adventure in her favorite show "Merlin. The Dragon's Dowry by Dusk Dreaming reviews As Arthur and Merlin's fortunes rise, they are shadowed by dangerous foes both mundane and magical.

When news arrives of devastating dragon attacks to the North, Merlin must learn how much control a human, even a Dragonlord, can exert over these ancient beasts. With his secret revealed, can he win back Arthur's trust and atone for his mistakes? Recueil d'OS Merthur by audelie reviews Tout est dans le titre. Trusting Emrys by SapphireDragon7 reviews Arthur puts the pieces together, and finally learns Merlin's secret. What will he do with Emrys now?

Will he be able to ever trust his best friend? Magic reveal story that takes place at the end of season four, and goes through some of season 5 with an alternate ending. Merlin has been waiting patiently for his best friend's return.Hmm… Let me think… no. What the hell do you think you're doing?! The king's sword flashed in a shining arc of steel as he fought, every move executed flawlessly, thought out to the tiniest detail and yet performed in under a second.

Watching him was not unlike observing a dancer, gracefully in sync with every beat of the music. The raven-haired sorcerer stood stock-still, bright blue eyes trained on the sorceress they were fighting and the ogres she had conjured up. He did not stir, even when a battle-axe passed so close to the side of his face that it shortened the ends of his hair a few inches.

It looked as though he were listening to something… because he was. I've betrayed no one! It is you who have betrayed yourself, using magic for everything that is wrong, stirring up the belief that it is evil! No, Emrys. You have chosen to follow a Pendragon… and have therefore sealed your own fate. I wonder how he would react to the knowledge that you are everything he despises….

The sorceress raised her hand and pointed at Merlin. Arthur yelled something; it was hard to hear over the sounds of the battle. But the sorceress's words carried clearly over to where the warlock stood. The spell hit him square in the chest and felt the vague sensation of flying backwards before darkness slammed over him, and he knew no more. Could only stand there as he slumped to the ground, unconscious.

A harsh laugh brought him back to reality. He turned to the sorceress, cold fire in his eyes. She was going to be sorry. He will be fine, though I think after you learn the truth, you may wish otherwise. Arthur sighed. This was going to be one of those days. It was as though sorcerers had some kind of rule that stated they all had to be so enigmatic, they probably had no idea what they were saying.

He snorted at the thought. At least Merlin was usually straightforward, though he was probably too stupid to be anything but. Arthur all but ran over to the servant, for once praying that the sorceress had been telling the truth. He had to be alright, he had to be… thank the gods. He was breathing.

The king unceremoniously hoisted the younger man and draped him over his shoulder, then set out to find the horses. Merlin woke in his bed, with the frowning face of Gaius leaning over him.

He sat up slowly, trying to recall what had happened that could have made his mentor so worried. Merlin frowned. His head hurt, his shoulder was sore from where it had struck the wall, and his thoughts were racing from all that the sorceress had said.

He opened his mouth to say his usual, I'm fine, Gaius, no need to worry. I'm not. That was not what he had meant to say.

merlin fanfiction merlin carried

He tried again. It was clear he did not understand the situation at all.Well sort of, look out for future sequels to this one, next one will most likely be Merlin's Remote or Merlin's Protector, depends which one inspires me the most. When Merlin suddenly collapsed during the Hallows Eve celebration there had been an awkward moment. They all glared at each other.

Stop that! I'm carrying Merlin and that's final! Several members of nobility were struggling to hide their laughter at the silliness of the two knights and the Crowned Prince's shouting match. I can do this no problem. Merlin struggles to drag you home on those nights out," Lancelot snapped. It's not like I haven't looked after Merlin before-". I once carried him home after he was poisoned!

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I am perfectly capable of carrying Merlin up all those stairs, stairs, I might add, you struggle to get up on your own Gwaine. Arthur scowled before taking his own shirt off. They were just about to get into position when a loud cough disrupted them.

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Arthur and Gwaine mumbled their disagreements and sulkily put their shirts back on much to the disappointment to the ladies of the Court. Leon turned to see Arthur's uncle looking very surprised and rather dumbstruck. Meanwhile, not long after Lancelot had tucked Merlin into bed and went to hide from the wrath of Arthur and Gwaine, Merlin awakened from his brief spell of unconsciousness and stormed down into Gaius' study.

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